Spinifex Country BBQ Fuels, Horticultural & Deodoriser Charcoal, Mood Lamps & Feature Timber.

Thank you for visiting our store - Spinifex Country Products are uniquely Australian.  We're proud of our products that have been sourced & developed from our 10,000 acre Government approved Private Native Forestry operation.  Our products are environmentally friendly & ethically made.  They include Horticultural charcoal, biochar, boutique BBQ fuels ('Black Label' charcoals, smoking chunks, chips & sawdust) & Odour Absorbers that are made from some of the worlds hardest timbers including Bulloak which is the worlds hardest timber.

We occasionally discover beautiful timber pieces that have been moulded by nature over many years. These are collected then artistically crafted into Lamps and Feature Timber Pieces for your home & garden.